Digital Document Library

Our HOA Board Members are able to access all of their association’s files online 24/7. This service helps you keep up to date with the association’s information and business from the comfort of your own home. All HOA documents are digitized and categorized using our custom content management system – giving you access to the information you need when you need it.

Neighborhood Website

Every plan from Heartland Association Management includes a dedicated website and domain name for your Homeowners Association. Your website can be used to distribute information to your neighborhood, to host a calendar of events, and for your members to pay dues. The HOA board will have full access to create and modify website content, and Heartland Association Management is always here to help as well.

Help bring your Homeowners Association into the 21st century by selecting one of our plans today!

Online Accounting

Our plans include online access to our state of the art accounting software, allowing you to easily track income and expenses. You can easily generate monthly financial statements and track budgetary constraints all from a secure portion of your neighborhood website.

Looking for a more hands off approach? Select our Silver Plan or higher and we’ll handle all of the accounting for you! You’ll still have 24/7 access to your financial account online in order to track your association’s expenses.

Online Dues Payment

Make it easy for your members to pay their dues online with a credit card directly through your neighborhood website. We even support automatic payment plans to allow your members to pay dues on an automatic schedule. All payments are automatically recorded in your association’s online accounting system. And all funds are automatically deposited into your association’s account in a matter of days.

Money Management

Our Silver and Gold plans include a dedicated account representative responsible for managing the finances of your organization. We will keep track of all income and expenses, budgetary constraints, invoices, and bills, and make sure your association’s finances run smoothly. You’ll receive detailed monthly financial statements, and 24/7 access to our state of the art accounting software to stay up to date on your association’s finances.

Homeowner Relations

Let Heartland Association Management be the front line for your member’s questions, requests, and concerns. Our Silver and Gold plans include a dedicated account representative who will promptly respond to homeowners. We can easily make your neighborhood’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions available through your custom neighborhood website, helping to answer questions and promote compliance with your covenants. Our Gold Plan even includes monthly compliance drives to help identify problems before the develop. We’re here to make your life as a board member much easier and to foster a sense of community within your neighborhood.

Vendor Management

Both Silver and Gold plans through Heartland Association Management include creation, solicitation, and management of vendor contracts. We’ll help you find a quality reliable partner for your landscaping, upkeep, trash services, mowing, snow removal, and more! We require all of your vendors to agree with our quality standards, and provide you with the best options for your contracting needs. After the contract is in place, we’ll act as a point of contact for the contractor, and periodically review the services provided to ensure a quality product. We have no preferred vendors, and solicit bids to any interested parties – ensuring your association receives a fair price every time.